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The 212 games in Paris into a global exhibition city title

Date: 2019-05-20

According to le figaro, France, Paris, held last year, a total of 212 international conference and exhibition, salon, and fair.Amsterdam international convention and exhibition association (ICCA) according to the latest figures, Vienna held the 172 games last year, ranking the second.As the third Madrid held the 165 games.In addition, hosted the 163 Barcelona games, fourth, fifth in Berlin.

The results for the Paris district chamber of commerce issued announcement, because reception ability to improve, strengthen international appeal, Paris once again become a international conference and exhibition held the first big city in the world.The exhibition of fierce competition in the field of trade, commerce and tourism, the French indirect benefit.Paris regional chamber of commerce chairman, ling explained, more than 200 international conference and exhibition, to Paris brings the economic benefits of 5.5 billion euros per year, and provide 85000 jobs, the benefit to be reckoned with.

"In 2018, business class travel 48.7% of the Paris hotel reservation", Paris tourism and exhibition, said deschamps, director of the office of all kinds of convention and exhibition is a a great of Paris and the French window.25.6 million nights a year in Paris hotel accommodation, because exhibition accommodation nights of up to 2.2 million, close to 10%.

Le figaro, said Paris in 2016, the first city in international conference and exhibition, but were overtaken by Barcelona a year later, tied for second with Vienna.Has regained her crown at the position and the end of 2017 the Paris Versailles door new Paris international conference and exhibition center are closely linked.The center is a complement to the great hall of the Paris convention and exhibition center project, received the European respiratory society organization in December last year by the lung disease conference attended by 23000 people.

Vice mayor of Paris, said Martin Paris to continue this year, to do a good job of reception all conference and exhibition.